Road's End, A New Beginning

The Journey North
Ygnvi's Solo
Brigit's Solo
Cyric's Solo

On one particularly foggy day, while on one of his solitary walks, Cyric heard a familiar voice. Through the fog he sees Torin, a Dwarf and cleric, Kayleigh, a warrior and distant cousin, and Grotta, Braed’s son. They are out on patrol, but are being a bit loud at the moment. They said that they were waiting for Sathrena, a mage that is supposed to lead their group. Off to the side, sitting on a fallen log was Maggie, the beekeeper. She looked a bit dazed and confused. Cyric greeted them after observing for a few minutes. After some pleasent small talk, he moved off into the woods. Not long on his travels he came upon a section of forest that was disturbingly quiet. The fog by this time was drifting by in dense patches, obscuring and revealing the surrounding terrain in random intervals. Through the mists he saw a very large warg with a goblin rider. Taking cover to further observe he notices that this beasty has two small cages hanging from its gear. After a short wait he saw that this one was not alone. He was able to see what was in the cages. to his suprise and concern they were sprites. He moved into action and fired many arrows, taking them by suprise. One goblin went down and he had to engage in hand to hand combat.

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