Cyric Middleham

An average looking disheveled young man standing 5’10” with shoulder length auburn hair tied in a ponytail. His face chiseled eyes narrow and emerald green. His smile is contagious widening as he laughs. His frame is thin but muscular as he seem he co


Hit Points: 10 Appearance Alignment: Chaotic Good Gender: Male Eye Color: Emerald Green Race: Human Height: 5’10” Hair Color: Auburn Class: Ranger Weight: 170 Skin Tone: Tanned Level: 1st

Attributes STR: 16 -/+1/70/195/9/10% AC: 7 (Studded Leather) Saving Throws DEX: 13 /-/ Para/Posion: 14 CON: 14 /88%/92%//Nil Rod/Staff: 16 INT: 10 2/5th/40%/7/Nil Poly/Petra: 15 WIS: 15 +1/2nd/0%/Nil Breath: 17 CHR: 10 4/0/0 Spell: 17

Weapons & Specialties THAC0: 20 Modified THAC0 Specialized in Lognsword (2) +1 to hit and +2 damage Longsword: 19 Damage: +3 Specialized in Two-Weapon Style (1) Composite Longbow: 20 Ambidexterity (1) Composite LongBow (1)

Ranger Skills Hide in Shadows: 10% Move Silently: 15% Non-Weapon Proficiencies Languages: Galeic/Goblin Given Scavenging Read/Write INT 10 Galiec Musical Instrument DEX 13 Panpipes Defensive Fortification Engineering Purchased Tracking (2) WIS 15 Animal Lore (1) INT 10 Hunting (1) WIS 15 Set Snares (1) DEX 13

Equipment & Money


Cyric’s youth was one of maundering and exploring, usually without the permission of his mother and father. His mother, sister to Ellenore Middleham, and daughter to Alastrina Middleham, knew many men that had fallen defending the town against all types of threats. Cyric’s father, Gale Rainwick, was a fierce warrior for the town and a master fletcher/bowyer. Cyric’s childhood was mixed with fun, games, and work. His days were spent playing hide-n-seek with his friends, on his free time, and helping his father fletch and create masterful bows that would be used for hunting and defense for the town. Growing up in the small town he found solitude peaceful and cherished release from the busy day-to-day bustle of defense and work. In the town the best hiding place for him to keep his mind at peace was a burm on the west side of town nearest to the wall of thorns. There he would commune with nature, observe the surrounding landscape, and observing animals and their behaviors. He began to understand the nature of Milkekee and the circle of life. He saw the spires of life grow and the demise of life by natural selection. He understood his place in the world. He learned to combat the unnatural forces that plague the earth, take everything, and create nothing by using the natural world as his ally. He began to watch his father and the other men of the town train for defense.

Cyric Middleham

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